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  • Safe burglar-fireproof LUKA BNS MT-2E jewelry

    The safe is burglar-resistant LUK BNS MT-2E with the electronic combination lock Wittkopp (Germany). Safe for s...
    Safe burglar-fireproof LUKA BNS MT-2E jewelry
  • Safe EAGLE NPS-031DW

    Premium design fire resistant safes. Modern and stylish Fire-resistant safes with membrane the panel, perfect for ho...
    Safe EAGLE NPS-031DW
  • Weapon safe 5T-2E GOLD

    A door from the alloyed steel thickness of 10 mm. Equipped by the key lock.
    Weapon safe 5T-2E GOLD
  • Safe jewelry TЕ-white

    Safe steady against breaking with furnish by a tree. It's perfectly entered in an interior together with wooden furn...
    Safe jewelry TЕ-white
  • Safe weapons and documents ROMA COMBI

    Combination safe for documents and weapons. Heat resistant upper compartment. Electronic and key locks. Interior fini...
    Safe weapons and documents ROMA COMBI
  • Burglar Safe BNS 1T-2E

    Burglar-proof, fireproof bank safe certified. Equipped with a electronic code lock. It has inner case a removable sh...
    Burglar Safe BNS 1T-2E
  • Cache-socket

    Mini safe for small valuables, disguised as a household outlet. Mounted on the wall. Very popular as a small cache in...
  • Safe RV 1675

    The safe with furnish by marble. Small money safe and shelf. The mailed safe, steade against breaking. It is execute...
    Safe RV 1675

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Buy safes for home and office

If a decision is made to strengthen security equipment in the office, apartment or house and for this purpose it is planned to buy a safe or metal furniture, for a correct choice, it is necessary to answer several questions. This is due to the fact that the production of safes has moved a little further than a simple philistine can imagine. By the way, along with the production, the hunters for the contents of the safes also advanced. Therefore, before choosing and buying a safe, we advise you to get acquainted with the characteristics of the model you choose or contact specialized stores selling safes, where you will get a qualified consultation.
The catalog presents single-walled, burglar-resistant, heat-resistant models, etc., in general, almost every product should be written with praising odes. The body of the device, which prevents burglary, is protected by three layers: two walls and between them filler (heavy high-strength concrete and reinforced metal), wall material - high-quality steel. And this, without taking into account the castle, which also has many advantages.
In our assortment you can buy safes for home and office from manufacturers of famous companies in Italy, Sweden, France, England and other countries of the world. All products comply with European quality standards, and have a guarantee for both the device and the lock. Choose safes for your home in the catalog yourself or with the help of a consultant who will add the selected product to the ordered category. You can also place an order directly on the site. The order is processed in the shortest time, and delivery is carried out in any region of the country.
You can order the safe in our online store or buy safes for your home and office through representative offices in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa and Lviv. The sale of safes throughout Ukraine, as well as in stationary specialized stores.