Safe Griffon HG.30.E

9240 грн

Buy safe Burglar-resistant Griffon HG.30.E is designed to protect documents and valuables from unauthorized access (hacking).

The thickness of the front panel - 14 mm.
The thickness of the side walls (metal-concrete-metal) - 25 mm.

The door and the front of the safe are laser cut from a single sheet of steel with a thickness of 14 mm. Due to the high accuracy and quality of laser metal processing, the minimum clearance between the safe door and its case is achieved, and the door leaf is in the same plane with the front panel.
The case of the safe is a double-wall construction made of steel, filled with high-strength fortification concrete, the door opening on four sides has a projection, also cut out by a laser from a single sheet of metal.
Reliable 3-sided bolt locking system with rotating chrome-plated bolts with a diameter of 25 mm (two bolts to the left, one up and down), which prevents the opening of the safe with a cutting tool.
One removable shelf (two storage areas).
Internal hinges, allowing you to open the safe door at 90 °.
The locking system of the safe lock from knocking out, the lock is protected from drilling with a special carbide plate.
Equipped with an electronic combination lock Griffon.
The lock is powered by four AA batteries, which are located in the middle of the safe. The time of their functioning is 1-1.5 years. If the batteries are discharged below the permissible level, then each time the lock is opened, a long warning beep will sound. If they still do not have time to replace them, then there are two terminals on the outer part of the lock, by attaching to them a new “krone” type battery (9 V), you can open the safe. It is possible to use “krone” type batteries (9V) as the main power supply, for which you first need to disconnect the adapter in the safe.
Electronic code lock allows you to set 6 digits in the code combination. After 4 attempts to enter the wrong code, the safe lock is automatically locked for 5 minutes.
The possibility of anchoring to the wall and the floor is provided (one mounting hole to the floor, one to the wall).
The warranty on the safe is 5 years, the warranty on the lock is 1 year.

External dimensions (h*w*d), mm: 310x435x324
Internal dimensions (h*w*d), mm: 263х386х242
Volume, lt.: 25
Manufacturer: Griffon (Ukraine)
Weight, kg.: 58.000

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