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Slide2-Шкафы для раздевалок Практик LS


Slide10-Сейфы с отделкой деревом 30/07/2018

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  • Safe burglar-fireproof LUKA BNS MT-2E jewelry

    The safe is burglar-resistant LUK BNS MT-2E with the electronic combination lock Wittkopp (Germany). Safe for s...
    Safe burglar-fireproof LUKA BNS MT-2E jewelry
  • Safe EAGLE NPS-031DW

    Reviews: 1
    Premium design fire resistant safes. Modern and stylish Fire-resistant safes with membrane the panel, perfect for ho...
    Safe EAGLE NPS-031DW
  • Cache-socket

    Mini safe for small valuables, disguised as a household outlet. Mounted on the wall. Very popular as a small cache in...
  • Key box TS 0051 (108 keys)

    Keyes - are intended for storage of keys. Provides the most effective way of storage of keys and 100 % of use of int...
    Key box TS 0051 (108 keys)

You are welcome to "Luka" company


In the modern world along with the Internet development the quantity of Internet-shops increases. Seller and buyer turn out real world into virtual world more and more often. And some problems and questions go with them. For instance:

How not to be mistaken in choosing a seller and not to be deceived? Here are some pieces of advice:

1. Pay your attention to the internet-seller experience in this sphere of work. Safes are a very specific goods and it is bought neither for a month nor for a year. That is why the opportunity to have an after-sales service under guarantee and without guarantee represents big importance. If anything is wrong with a safe in a few years, you would not find a company where you bought this safe or a service center indicated in the guarantee service coupon. "Luka" company has been working in the Ukrainian market for more than 15 years and deals with full after-sales service of the goods whenever you bought it.

2. Learn the responses on shop work including from your familiar people who addressed to the shop to get some purchase.

3. Amplify what documents a seller should give while selling and whether he is registered officially or not.

4. If you have any doubt, do not buy a "cat in a bag", especially if you want to order exclusive items. Very often a foto or a picture does not give the whole imagination or does not make an impression that any thing does in the process of looking at it or using it in real. "Luka" is almost the only one company-importer and producer where exclusive European and own made safes can be seen not only in catalogue or on Internet web pages but alive in showrooms.


Our products’ quality, treating with customers and the after-sales service have been tested through years. Trust yourself to the best in!



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