1500 грн

Mini safe for small valuables, disguised as a household outlet. Mounted on the wall. Very popular as a small cache in the house, despite its small size.


  • Stash consists of 3 parts: the outer tube, mounted on the wall; the inner tube removable (just hiding); cover, masking cache (implemented in the form of a conventional household electrical outlet).
  • The body of the inner tube made ??of steel with a thickness of 1 mm.
  • The external tube is made of steel with a thickness of 2 mm.
  • The internal cache is fixed in the outer metal tube with a key lock.
  • If you embed a hiding place in the wall, he absolutely does not attract the attention of a stranger.
External dimensions (h*w*d), mm: 76x76x185
Internal dimensions (h*w*d), mm: 70x70x118
Manufacturer: Ukraine
Weight, kg.: 1.200

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