Safes Burglar resistant Valberg Granite 90T EL

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Safe burglar-proof Valberg Granite 90T EL
Burglar-proof safes are the best way to protect items that must be kept from burglars. Such models are able to repulse professional crackers. Each such safe is subject to special tests, and depending on the results, it has received an appropriate burglary resistance class. The higher the number indicating the class of the burglar-safe, the more complicated its design and the higher the level of protection and reliability.

Valberg Granit 90T EL safe is designed to preserve documents and valuables from dangerous fire factors and unauthorized access (hacking).
It is steady against breaking - GOST P 50862-2017: class 2 (GOST P)
Fire resistance - GOST R 57384-2017: class 30B (GOST R)
The thickness of the front panel is 21.5 mm, the total thickness of the door is 59 mm.
The thickness of the side walls is 40 mm.
The overall depth of the safe, taking into account the handle, is 480 mm.
Safe with attractive design combining fire resistance and burglary resistance.
The space between the walls of the cabinet and the safe door is filled with fireproof concrete. Fire protection for 30 minutes, confirmed by a certificate according to GOST R 57384-2017: class 30B (GOST R).
Three-sided crossbar locking system with four rotating crossbars with a diameter of 25 mm, which makes it impossible to cut them with one passive crossbar.
One fixed bolt for fixing the door in the opening when trying to pry the safe door.
Crossbar locking system, the lock is protected from drilling by a special carbide plate.
2 shelves.
Cash box (traiser), lockable with a key.
External hinges allowing you to open the safe door 180 ° without blocking the doorway.
Equipped with a high security electronic combination lock PS 610 / E36 (PROMET), certified for compliance with international standards (class VDS2, class B).
The lock is powered by a “crown” battery (9 V), which is located in the middle of the safe. If the battery is insufficiently charged, each switching on of the lock will be accompanied by a 10-fold blinking of the red LED, which indicates this. If you still don’t have time to replace it, then on the outside of the lock there are two terminals, with another battery attached to it, you can open the safe.
The electronic combination lock allows you to set 6 digits in the code combination. After the third attempt to enter the wrong code, the safe lock is locked for 2 minutes and the lock time will increase if you try to re-enter the wrong code (maximum 16 minutes).
It is possible to fasten the safe with an anchor bolt to the floor (an anchor bolt is included in the delivery).
Warranty: 5 years on the safe; 1 year guarantee on the lock.Safe with an attractive design, combining fire resistance and resistance to burglary.
External dimensions (h*w*d), mm: 930x440x430
Internal dimensions (h*w*d), mm: 822x364x300
Volume, lt.: 90
Manufacturer: Valberg (Russia, Bulgaria)
Weight, kg.: 202.000

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