Safe burglar-fireproof LUKA BNS MT-2E jewelry

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Safe burglar-fireproof LUK BNS MT-2E for jewelry of 2 class of burglar resistance
Fire-resistant safes TM LUKA of the MT series are certified according to the second class of DSTU EN 1143-1: 2014 and fire resistance class 30B according to LFS 30R according to DSTU EN 15659: 2014

The BNS MT-2 safe has a powerful and reliable design. The body consists of a shell with a total thickness of 50 mm, which is formed by 2 sheets of steel, the outer - 4 mm thick, inner - 3 mm. The interstitial space is filled with heat-insulating material. Doors are made in such a way as to maximally protect the lock and its crossbar system. The total thickness of the door is 100mm. Outside, the door is protected by a metal sheet 8mm thick. In the installation area of ​​the lock is placed a hardened plate of solid metal with a thickness of 5 mm, which protects the lock from knocking out and drilling. 

Can be installed in a bank, office, apartment, country house, as it meets all requirements for safes. The height of this model (42cm) allows you to place a safe under the table or in furniture.

Possible options for coloring the safe in other colors (check with the managers).


resistant to burglary and fire;
Certified for the second class of resistance to breaking according to DSTU EN 1143-1: 2014;
certified for fire resistance according to LFS 30P according to DSTU EN 15659: 2014;
protective heat-resistant interlayer between the walls;
special thermo tape around the perimeter of the door, increasing the heat resistance of the safe;
thickness of the metal body / door - 4mm and 3mm / 8mm;
lock: electronic code Wittkopp (Germany);
plates of solid metal thickness of 5mm to protect the lock from drilling;
powerful crossbar system, which consists of 7 steel chrome bolts d = 28 mm, which closes the safe in four directions;
reinforced outer hinges, which allow you to open the safe door by 180 °;
removable shelf;
holes for fixing the safe to the floor with anchor bolts (bolts not included).
According to the specification for BNS safes, the permissible weight deviation is + -15% of the declared weight.
External dimensions (h*w*d), mm: 420x450x420(450)
Internal dimensions (h*w*d), mm: 190x350x260 (ящик: 45x180x220)
Manufacturer: Luka (Ukraine)
Weight, kg.: 80.000

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