Safe Griffon F.60CLI.51.ET

20940 грн

The F.60CLI series is a unique product line that can simultaneously protect valuable items from hacking (first class) and fire (class LFS 60 P). The case and doors of the safe are filled with special fire-resistant concrete. The safe F.60CLI.51.ET has a built-in quadrilateral locking system, M-LOCKS code-certified electronic safe lock and two German BASF thermal tape.

Thickness of the protective layer, mm - 72 Burglary resistance - I class of burglar resistance according to DSTU EN 1143-1 Fire resistance - class LFS60P according to DSTU EN 15659
The locking system is a four-way crossbar system (10 chrome-plated active rotating bolts, bolt diameter 25 mm)
Type of lock - electronic security lock M-LOCKS (Netherlands), certificate class VDS 2
Coating type - powder coating
Color - black, white
Cashier - 1
Shelves - 1
Additions - two BASF thermo-tape (Germany) around the perimeter of the door; anchor units for fixing the safe to the floor
Warranty on construction - 5 years
Guarantee for the castle - 1 year
External dimensions (h*w*d), mm: 510x510x510
Internal dimensions (h*w*d), mm: 366x367x300
Volume, lt.: 40
Manufacturer: Griffon (Ukraine)
Weight, kg.: 125.000

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