Fire and Burglar resistant safe Griffon CL III.50.E

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Fire and burglar-resistant safe Griffon CL III.50.E is a reliable certified Ukrainian-made bank safe with an electronic combination lock. Burglary protection in class 3, from fire - up to 30 minutes.

Fireproof TM Griffon safes of the CL III series are certified according to the third class of DSTU EN 1143-1 and have a protective layer thickness of 40 mm. They meet the fire resistance class LFS 30P according to DSTU EN 15659.

The key features of the CL III series safes are filling their walls with fortified concrete, which makes it possible to significantly increase the degree of security and increase the level of protection against possible burglary. CL III safes are equipped with certified safe locks and German BASF thermal tape.

Safe characteristics:
  • Burglar resistance: III class DSTU EN 1143-1: 2019
  • Fire resistance: class LFS 30P according to DSTU EN 15659
  • Protective layer thickness, mm: 40
  • Lock type: safe electronic code lock STUV SWINGLOX (Germany)/M-LOCKS (The Netherlands) VdS class 2
  • Ledger system: three-sided, 7 chrome-plated active swivel ledgers Ø 25 mm, anti-cuts on the hinge side
  • Shelves: 1
  • Coating type: varnish-and-paint coating
  • Color: dark gray with hammer enamel effect
  • Anchoring units for fastening the safe to the floor
  • Thermal tape BASF
  • Construction / lock warranty: 5 years / 1 year
External dimensions (h*w*d), mm: 472x460x440
Internal dimensions (h*w*d), mm: 390x380x296
Volume, lt.: 43
Manufacturer: Griffon (Ukraine)
Weight, kg.: 140.000

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