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  • Burglar Safe BNS 1T-2E

    Burglar-proof, fireproof bank safe certified. Equipped with a electronic code lock. It has inner case a removable sh...
    Burglar Safe BNS 1T-2E

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Safe office or office safes
If you decide to choose the safes for the office, then the site of the safe will come to your rescue. First, it is necessary to understand for what purposes you need a safe and what exactly will be stored there. From the volume of stored things depends on its size and price. Later choose where the safe will be located, whether it is built into furniture, attached to the surface, or detached.
Office safes - stand-alone safes, which can be placed under the table or in another convenient place for you in the office, room or other room. The name "safe office" is conditional, based on the location. However, such safes for the office can also be placed in the apartment. Office safes can be both fireproof and burglar resistant, and the usual clerical. To buy a safe in the office, you need to decide what requirements you are applying to him.