Safe GMK/5

11106 грн
The safe of the Italian manufacture.
Has the strong case, it is made of steel by thickness of 5 mm and a door made of steel by thickness of 10 mm. Loops internal. A crossbar turn around about the axis owing to what there is impossible their cutting.
The safe has 8 apertures - 4 on a back wall and 4 at the bottom owing to what the safe by means of bolts fastens in furniture.
The lock is safes type key, with the raised level of privacy.
    • Saw-resistant nickel-plated rotating bolts 22 mm.;
    • Drill-resistant protection of the lock mechanism;
    • Horisontal and top vertical bolts protected by drill resistant manganese steel plate 3 mm. thick;
    • High security 8 asymmetrical levels lock with double-bitted key
    • key-retaining lock in open position
    • Certificate UNI EN 14450:05
External dimensions (h*w*d), mm: 350x470x350
Internal dimensions (h*w*d), mm: 330x460x295
Manufacturer: Technomax (Italy)
Weight, kg.: 47.500

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