Safe furniture Technomax SMTO/1

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Safe furniture Technomax SMTO / 1 of the Italian company "Technomax". Thanks to its very quick and easy installation, this safe can be mounted indoors without the need for complex construction work!


An electromagnetic lock under the control of a high-quality electronic system is provided with permanent memory, which allows you to save codes regardless of the power status of the lock.
Opening / closing is carried out using a rotary handle locked by an electromagnet.
User code from 6 to 10 digits.
Internal power supply from 4 alkaline batteries 1,5V.
High-quality 4-row membrane keyboard.
External power supply in case of emergency with contacts directly on the keyboard.
Acoustic and visual confirmation signals for entering the code, input errors and low battery status.
Keypad lock after 3 attempts to enter the wrong code.
2 nickel-plated steel crossbars with a diameter of 18 mm.
The thickness of the front panel is 8 mm.
Door thickness 8 mm.
The thickness of the safe case is 3 mm.
Laser cutting
Holes for mounting in the bottom and back of the safe (2 + 2).
It is completed with anchor bolts.
Special quality coating with epoxy powder.
The crossbars are protected by a drill-resistant steel manganese plate with a thickness of 3 mm, located at an angle for better drilling resistance.
The special structure of the frame increases the resistance in case of knocking out the door.
Internal welding is controlled by an electronic system.
External dimensions (h*w*d), mm: 220x280x150
Internal dimensions (h*w*d), mm: 210x270x90
Volume, lt.: 6
Manufacturer: Technomax (Italy)
Weight, kg.: 10.000

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