Safe hotel Safetronics HTL 20LE

4968 грн
The Safetronics HTL 20LE hotel safe is designed to protect documents and valuables from unauthorized access (hacking).

Characteristics of the safe:
complies with Euro VDS (Germany), Russian GOST R 50862-2005, class H0 protection against hacking
Locks: electronic code lock (Slovakia), emergency key Lowe & Fletcher (England)
metal thickness: doors 6mm, cases 3 mm
one-way bolt locking system, bolt diameter 16 mm
safe cover - polyurethane (resistant to mechanical damage), anthracite color
anchor units for fixing the safe to the floor
Warranty: 5 years
External dimensions (h*w*d), mm: 200х320х200
Internal dimensions (h*w*d), mm: 196х316х145
Volume, lt.: 8
Manufacturer: Safetronics (Slovakia, Belarus)
Weight, kg.: 9.000

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