Safe RV 1675

Safe RV 1675
39690 грн
36912 грн
  • mailed safe
  • steade against breaking
  • it is executed on the basis of the certificated bank safe 2 classes
  • lock: MAUER (Germany) class VDS 1;
  • powerful system of rigels which consists of 7 steel chromeplated crossbars d=28 mm., which close the safe in four directions
  • the strengthened loops which allow to open doors of the safe on 180
  • small money safe EVROLOCK
  • shelf
  • internal furnish by a flock
  • garanty 1 year
This safe considerably differs from a great bulk of safes, it has more powerful and reliable design. The case consists of an environment which is formed with two leaves there were thickness of 5 mm.  the space betwen leaves is filled by a basalt fibre which very well protects the maintenance from a fire. Doors are made in such a manner that as much as possible to protect the lock of the safe and its original rigels system. Doors are made of two parts. An external part from steel thickness of 10 mm, and internal from steel of 5 mm.

This model is made only on order. Terms and conditions of manufacture and the price of safe specify a store manager.

External dimensions (h*w*d), mm: 930х480х510
Internal dimensions (h*w*d), mm: 800х380х370
Manufacturer: Luka (Ukraine)
Weight, kg.: 220.000

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