Safe bank LUKA BNS 1T-2

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Safe burglar-resistant LUKOIL BNS 1T-2
Fire-resistant safes TM LUKA series BNS certified for the second class DSTU EN 1143-1: 2014 and fire resistance class 30B for LFS 30R according to DSTU EN 15659: 2014
This safe is significantly different from the bulk of safes, it has a more powerful and reliable design. The body consists of a shell with a total thickness of 50 mm, which is formed by two sheets of steel: the outer - 4 mm thick, inner - 3 mm. The interstitial space is filled with heat-insulating material, the thickness of which is 43 mm.

Doors are made in such a way as to maximally protect the lock of the safe and its crossbar system. The total thickness of the door is 100mm, it is protected by an outer metal sheet 8mm thick. In the installation area of ​​the lock (German firm Carl Wittkopp) is installed a 5 mm thick hard metal plate, which protects the lock from knocking out and drilling.

The system consists of a steering wheel (a handle that spans the bolts in four directions) and a lock that blocks this system.

Possible options for coloring the safe in other colors (check with the managers).


protective heat-resistant interlayer between the walls;
special thermo tape around the perimeter of the door, increasing the heat resistance of the safe;
thickness of metal housing / door - 4mm and 3mm / 8mm
Certified for the 2nd class of resistance to breaking according to DSTU EN 1143-1: 2014;
certified for fire resistance according to LFS 30P according to DSTU EN 15659: 2014;
lock: Carl Wittkopp (Germany) class VDS 1. Protected from drilling with special hard metal plates, plate thickness 5 mm;
a powerful crossbar system, which consists of 7 steel chrome bolts d = 28 mm., which closes the safe in four directions;
reinforced outer hinges, which allow you to open the safe door by 180 °;
tracer with Eurolock lock;
removable shelf;
holes for fixing the safe to the floor with anchor bolts (bolts not included).
According to the specification for BNS safes, the permissible weight deviation is + -15% of the declared weight.
External dimensions (h*w*d), mm: 630х480х540
Internal dimensions (h*w*d), mm: 500х380х370
Volume, lt.: 58
Manufacturer: Luka (Ukraine)
Weight, kg.: 132.000

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