How to choose the safe?

How to choose safe?

If the decision on strengthening of means of safety at office, apartment or the house is accepted and for this purpose it is planned to buy the safe or metal furniture, for a correct choice, it is necessary to define with a storage unit to be installed. If it is necessary to preserve the important documents in case of a fire – fire-resistant safe is to be proposed. Bulgar-proof safe should be bought, if the primary goal is that nothing can be reached. Such safes are much heavier in comparison with fire-resistant ones. If it is necessary to store magnetic carriers, audio-video cassettes , films photocopies, etc., in such cases use special safes for magnetic carriers, called data-safes. If, it is necessary to limit slightly only access, but thus in the optimum image to organise work with documents, acquisition of card files or other metal furniture will be the best variant. Safe- manufacturers recommend to buy the safes which cost not less than 1/5 of the importance of the values stored in it. The best variant is to buy safes in specialized safe-butiques, shops and salons and to choose the production of the well-known trade-marks. Before purchase realisation, it is necessary to ask the seller-adviser to give certificates concerning country-manufacturer standards.

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Date: Friday, 02 February 2007